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Buddina State School teachers are fully implementing the new Australian Curriculum into classroom practice and are making excellent use of the Curriculum into the classroom resources provided exclusively for Education Queensland schools.
Our classroom contexts to begin 2015 are challenging .... and fun.
Year​ ​Unit Name Essential question​ Unit description​​
Prep​ I can be a Buddina caring superhero.
How do I show that I care?
Focus on the school caring values – self, learning, others, school and ways we demonstrate this in Prep.
One​ Living adventures. How do living things grow and change?
Students will learn that the needs, features and functions of plants and animals are related and change over time by growing seeds, and observing changes during growth.  Students will understand the link between features, needs and environments.
Two​ Sharing other people's stories. What are the different ways people can share their stories? Through listening to, viewing and reading a variety of biographies, poems, and narratives students will understand the structure of these text types and how they are used to tell stories and record history.
Three​ Let's investigate our local environment. Is it living?
Students will investigate the diversity of living and non-living things in their local environment and recognize the use of this knowledge in their lives. They will use this knowledge to plan processes and construct a persuasive article.
Four​ Environments at risk in a changing world.
What impact will human activity have on our future generations?
Students will be investigating local environments and what responsibilities they have to protect them for future generations.
Five​ Adaptions to different environments. What are the relationships between adaptations and environmental changes?
Students will examine the structural features and adaptations that assist living things to survive in their environment. They use this knowledge to pose questions and make predictions about the relationship between adaptations and environmental changes. The students are then able to create a fantasy creature and discuss the way that it adapts to its environment.

Short stories, power packed!

How does a short story provide BIG ideas?
Students will investigate the text structure, language features and strategies for humorous effect in short stories. Through a focus of characterisation using both stereotypical and non-stereotypical personalities, the students will create their own short story for a target audience. The stories will present a big idea in a limited amount of text.