The school's music opportunities are very important to our school and community.  Every class from Prep to year 6 has a weekly 40 minute lesson where they experience an aural based music program that is sequential and developmental with the voice as the main instrument. These weekly lessons are part of an eight year program that feeds into secondary school. Music is one strand of the Arts Syllabus and as such, is part of one of the key learning areas from years one to ten.  Other classroom music instruments that are focused on during the year include the Ukulele and the glockenspiel. 

Students learn a variety of songs and verses to compliment both rhythmic and melodic concepts. Each of these songs are supported by different games and activities. 

Junior Choir

The junior choir is a non-auditioned group open to all students in years two and three. Andrew Vallance and Janelle Cooling run this choir. The students in this groups have a great deal of fun while learning some basic choral techniques.

Senior Choir

The Senior Choir is a non-auditioned group open to all students in year’s four to seven rehearsing once a week. This voluntary group provides an opportunity for further experience in music, development of vocal technique and all aspects of team work. This choir will tackle more difficult music!

Instrumental Music Programs

Woodwind/brass/percussion program (year 4-6) Multi day: Mondays

Strings program (years 3 -6) String day: Thursdays

Students from year’s four to six (strings – three to six) are able to be involved in the school instrumental program taught by Mr Alex Lehmann and Mrs Genevieve Bignall. Brass, woodwind, percussion and string instruments may be studied. The students then go on to be part of the school ensembles.

This year Concert Band will be formed in Term 2. This allows us to develop a full complement of instruments to form a well-balanced band. Concert band will rehearse on Monday mornings. Time to be advised.

String Orchestra is up and running and it rehearses on Thursday mornings.

There is a levy of $60 per student per year (instrumental programs) to participate in these programs if the student has their own instrument.  If an instrument is hired from the school, there is a further cost of $20 per year ($80).  

All instrumental students perform frequently on parade, special events and competitions and at the Annual End of year Instrumental concert. 

As part of music education it is important that students participate in audience activities. The Instrumental students, once a year, head down to Brisbane on the Allen Stacey Cultural Excursion. On this excursion, we visit the cultural hub of Brisbane, South Bank. Here, we visit the Queensland Symphony Orchestra during a working rehearsal and performance. We also visit the Art Gallery of Queensland and the Gallery of Modern Art. 


Steve Schultz teaches guitar at school on Wednesday’s. These are paid private lessons taught in school time. Steve is an experienced guitar teacher and performer. The guitar classes and ensembles perform throughout the school year. Steve also forms a Rock Band with the more experienced students during the year.

Cost $13 per lesson

Guitar day: Wednesday

Junior Arts program

Heidi Taylor teaches an exciting and dynamic Arts program to our Preps to Year 2 students. Throughout the year the students are immersed in the elements of Dance and Drama.


Every 2nd year Buddina State School performs a musical. Students in years 3-6 are able to audition for a roll in the production at the beginning of the year. Throughout the course of the production, students will rehearse intensively ready to perform on opening night. We have produced many successful productions including Wonder in Aliceland, Heroes, From Rock to ROCK, Aladdin, and Lights, Camera, Action. We look forward to our next production in 2016.

Music events at our school

  • Musical Play
  • Music Camp
  • Vibrant Vocals
  • Performing for Community Groups
  • Music Count Us In
  • Musica Viva in Schools
  • Also a vital part of other events e.g. ANZAC Ceremony
  • Instrumental Concert evenings

How will Music benefit my son or daughter?


  • broadens musical, intellectual and cultural horizons
  • fosters self-esteem, confidence and a positive outlook
  • endorses the pursuit of excellence
  • focuses on participation and performance in an environment of co-operation and teamwork
  • encourages mutual respect and tolerance
  • stimulates intellectual growth
  • caters for differences in learning styles, opening avenues that students may not otherwise access
  • provides one of the most powerful and profound means of expression and communication
  • develops memory and demands accuracy and persistence.

What might I see my son or daughter doing as part of the school Music program?

Look for them:
  • singing
  • playing instruments
  • performing in small and large music groups
  • performing as a soloist
  • composing and arranging
  • reading music
  • improvising
  • memorising
  • rehearsing for performances
  • practising
  • conducting
  • attending live performances
  • participating in music camps
  • analysing and evaluating performances
  • listening with understanding
  • co-operating with peers and others
  • interpreting ideas
  • taking on leadership roles
  • enjoying a sense of achievement
  • working towards excellence

Last reviewed 30 September 2019
Last updated 30 September 2019